Angela Kleinsasser Photography | Maternity Information

The pregnant body is so amazing and gorgeous to capture.  You may not feel beautiful right now, but I promise that I can make you look amazing, and actually enjoy remembering it in the future. :)  You want to look very pregnant, so aim for a session around 32-35 weeks.  The location and amount of clothes you leave on or take off totally depends on your comfort level.  My studio is a great option if you want to bare a little more skin, but an outdoor location is so unique and beautiful too - I can help you pick a location based on the look you are going for.  Feel free to bring along your spouse or your kids!  Of course, mama will be the main focus.  You do not have to be a super model - I will direct you with posing and location.  Feel free to bring as many clothing choices as you want.  Tight shirts and tanks with jeans are great, or a dress is always fabulous as well.  Feel free to bring any props that you might want to use.

Contact me today with any questions, or to book your maternity session!