Angela Kleinsasser Photography | locations

 Here are a few of my favorite locations:


  • Fly N B Park (c470/Lucent area) - open field, tall grass, trails, lake, mountain view, footbridge, lots of tall trees/shade options - this is one of my very favorite spots because of the large variety in a small area
  • Highlands Ranch mansion (Broadway/HR Parkway area) - beautiful stone, lots of pillars and steps, open fields, great views of mountains, trails, small barn
  • Writers Vista Park (Mineral/Santa Fe area) - a meeting place for the Highline Canal trail - large trail with huge, gorgeous trees, a white bridge, view of mountains
  • Hudson Gardens (Santa Fe/Mineral area) - a place that literally has everything - flowers in summer, gorgeous color in fall - just have to stay away from weekend afternoons/evenings because of lots of weddings
  • Downtown Littleton - great for a more urban session - so many great textures on the old buildings and great alleys
  • ​​​​​​​Open Space off Santa Fe, right next to Seminary/Platte River
  • South Valley Park (c470/Ken Caryl area) - great views of foothills and red rock formations, lake, trails - perfect when there's no leaves on trees anyway
  • Open space behind Northridge Rec Center (c470/Broadway area) - trails, tall trees, footbridge, fallen log, large open field with great mountain views, waterfall 
  • Mt. Falcon Park - a little further but perfect if you want a mountain feel, with a great view of the mountains, pine trees and rocks/trails
  • Hildebrand Ranch - just down the street from South Valley Park - open space, mountain views, cool old white barn 
  • Mathews Winters Park - located at 470 and 70 - lots of trees, rock formations and a great bridge and stream 
  • Ketring Park (right next to Littleton Historical Museum-Broadway/Arapahoe area) - open fields, paved trails, fallen log, large trees, large evergreens
  • Gallup Park - right across from Ketring - lots of trees, paths, etc. Super cute and compact.
  •  Raccoon Creek Golf course - great for something a little further west - green grass, lots of trees, a barn and some fences
  • South Glen Mall - this is fun if you want something a little more urban, perhaps incorporating some shop signs, the fountain or the interesting stone and brick on the buildings
  • Jackass Hill - epic great mountain view but not much variety
  • Clear Creek History Park in Golden (have never done a session here, but heard it's a fun spot)
  • Your house!! I've done a lot of really fun sessions incorporating clients front porches, back yards, etc. It's something a little more personal!