The pregnant body is so amazing and gorgeous to capture.  You may not feel beautiful right now, but I promise that I can make you look amazing, and actually enjoy remembering it in the future. :)  You want to look very pregnant, so aim for a session around 32-35 weeks.  The location and amount of clothes you leave on or take off totally depends on your comfort level.  My studio is a great option if you want to bare a little more skin, but an outdoor location is so unique and beautiful too.  Feel free to bring along your husband or your kids!  Of course, mama will be the main focus.  You do not have to be a super model - I will direct you with posing and location.  Feel free to bring as many clothing choices as you want.  Tight shirts and tanks are great.  Jeans are always good, maternity or not.  A dress is always fabulous as well.  Feel free to bring any props that you might want to use.  


Brand new humans are so incredible to capture.  A true newborn session is done within the first two weeks of life.  The goal is to capture the tiny size and the way they are so curled up.  It doesn't last long, but you will want to remember it!  A newborn session is almost always done in my home studio.  I have so many props, backdrops, etc. so you don't have to bring anything except baby (unless you have something special you want to incorporate!).  If you would rather me come to your home, I can do that for an added charge (I am limited on what props I can bring though).  I do most of my newborn shots in their birthday suit, or with a diaper, or swaddled.  For mom and dad, a plain colored shirt and jeans is best.  I usually ask you to bring a black shirt and a white shirt to give us some options.  Newborn sessions are long because I build in lots of time for feeding, changing and rocking to sleep.  Patience is key to grab those few amazing shots.  It usually works best if you can feed your baby as soon as you get here, to ensure the baby will be able to go to sleep and be happy for a while.

If you know you want to schedule a newborn session, contact me as soon as you know your due date.  We won't schedule anything, but it will help me plan and keep a spot open for you.

Milestone Mini

These session are for babies ages 3 months through 11 months (usually 3, 6 and 9 months).  It is a shorter session in the studio, just to capture who they are at that stage, since they literally change so much each month.  Feel free to bring a few outfits, but it will only take about 30-45 minutes.

One Year Cake Smash

The one year session is a celebration that you all made it through the first year!  I do several different setups of photos of your little sweetie, some of the whole family, and finish it off with a cake smash.  I provide the cake, unless you would rather bring your own.  These photos are priceless and bring so much joy.  You can bring as many different outfits as you desire, but a cake smash is usually done in a diaper and/or diaper cover.  The possibilities are endless and I love to incorporate props that are unique to each child ( a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, etc.).


If you have any questions that I did not answer, please feel free to email me at [email protected].  I would love to talk with you about your session!